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Horsham Prices

  • Appointment time 30 min
  • Microsuction & Irrigation
  • Extra charges may apply
  • See terms below

Please note:

Opening times – 9am – 1pm Thursday only.

Appointments are 30 minutes, but can take less time.

Minimum charge is £35 – i.e. for no wax present – but includes video otoscopy, advice, GP referral.

Ear drops – please use ear drops 2-3 days prior to your visit.

Second visit – If two visits are required a surcharge of £15 will be applied; or £30 if you have not used ear drops in adance of your first visit as requested.

Third visit – in the rare event you require a third visit for very stubborn ear wax 50% charge applies.

241 Offer – this is for 2 people seen together in 1 appointment slot. Single person charge applies and is based on the main patient. If you book two appointment slots then two charges will apply.


We are not insured to treat children under 12 years of age.

Disabled Access

We are on the ground floor with easy access and a very small stepped door entrance.

Home Visits

We do not offer home appointments