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Your ear wax removal will be carried out by a trained clinician working to industry standard protocols. Wax removal may be done via micro-suction, irrigation /syringing, and / or dry tool extraction – whichever the clinician deems most appropriate based on the wax you present and your answers to this form.

Incidents during ear wax removal are very uncommon, however:

Minor complications that can occur which are deemed acceptable include: minor nicks or scratches to the ear canal which can also lead to minor bleeding, soreness, mild discomfort and short-term ringing in the ear (tinnitus). To minimise such risk please immediately notify the clinician of any discomfort or sensitivity to increased sound level.

Ear wax removal can cause slight dizziness in certain circumstances – the client should inform the clinician if they feel dizzy and the procedure should be paused until the client feels stable.

More serious risk of damage to the ear canal or ear drum can occur if the client does not remain adequately still. Clients should inform the clinician of any discomfort or likely sudden movements, for example if likely to sneeze or cough. All equipment is sterilised or is single use only to keep infection risk to a minimum; however, there is always a risk that infection can set in once the client leaves the premises. Please contact the clinician for a free follow-up visit should you experience any discomfort of worrying pain, discomfort, swelling or discharge etc.

The CE marked micro-suction unit is designed to remove fluids from the airway or respiratory system and infectious materials from wounds. It has been adapted for aural micro suction and following risk assessment this has been approved by Barry Fenton professional indemnity insurance brokers. Representatives of Crystal Hearing are insured for professional indemnity with Barry Fenton Insurance Brokers – our certificates can be presented at any time.

Children must be 12 years of age or over. Your child must also read these terms of service and by signing this form you are confirming that they have and they fully understand all parts of this form so that we can undertake the service safely. We do not have specific pediatric training and if your child does not understand any part of this form you should seek assistance from a provider that has had specific pediatric training.

See also our company Privacy Policy for how we may use your details


The above clauses do not affect your statutory rights